• Would?
  • Man in the Box
  • Rooster
  • Them Bones
  • Down in a Hole
  • No Excuses
  • Nutshell
  • Angry Chair
  • Heaven Beside You
  • I Stay Away
  • Dam That River
  • Rain When I Die
  • Check My Brain
  • Got Me Wrong
  • Dirt
  • We Die Young
  • Grind
  • Junkhead
  • Again
  • Brother
  • Sickman
  • Sludge Factory
  • Hate to Feel
  • Sea of Sorrow
  • Your Decision
  • Over Now
  • God Smack
  • Bleed the Freak
  • Rotten Apple
  • Love, Hate, Love
  • Frogs
  • Don't Follow
  • I Can't Remember
  • It Ain't Like That
  • All Secrets Known
  • Sunshine
  • Whale & Wasp
  • Last of My Kind
  • A Looking in View
  • Put You Down
  • Confusion
  • Brush Away
  • Black Gives Way to Blue
  • Lesson Learned
  • When the Sun Rose Again
  • God Am
  • Real Thing
  • Iron Gland
  • Swing on This
  • Head Creeps

I tried to love you, I thought I could
I tried to own you, I thought I would
I want to peel the skin from your face
Before the real you lays to waste

You told me I'm the only one
Sweet little angel you should have run
Lying, crying, dying to leave
Innocence creates my hell

Cheating myself, still you know more
It would be so easy with a whore
Try to understand me, little girl
My twisted passion to be your world

Lost inside my sick head
I live for you but I'm, I'm not alive
Take my hands before I kill
I still love you but I still burn, burn

Yeah, love, hate, love
Yeah, love, hate, love
Yeah yeah, love, hate, love
Love, hate, love
Yeah, love, hate, love

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